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Nine2Five continues to explore the monotony of everyday life. The circular motion of the camera is paired with shifting makeup and lighting looks in order to represent the passage of time, circularity of life, and mood patterns throughout the day. At large, this film calls attention to the repetitive and habitual behavior tendencies of humans. Confrontational modes of performance, shooting, and editing are utilized as a means of conveying various human-to-human relationships; these can be violent, sexual, passive-aggressive, co-habitual, collaborative, etcetera. Finally, this film serves to examine the relationship between the observer and the observed. Viewers maintain a voyeuristic relationship with the performers, questioning whether or not they are being invited to watch or persuaded to look away.

Director/Choreographer/Editor: Joseph Galba

Co-Choreographer: Madeline Petz

Dancers: Joseph Galba and Madeline Petz

Videographer: Erika Ruch

Makeup: Alisa Chirco

Music: Stromae

Fusing live performance and videography, “Grandma’s Ritual” dissects the monotony of everyday life through repetition and exploration of pedestrian movement, while investigating femaleness both on and off of the stage.

Choreography/Videography: Joseph Galba

Dancers: Maddison Bell, Abigail Givens, Madeline Petz, Hannah Rittmueller, Brittany Van Riper

Music: Tove Lo, Com Truise, Bibio

Allesee Theater, December 2017

A precursor to "Grandma's Ritual." "Rituals" unveils the mental strain that comes along with repetitive, ritualistic behaviors and action, while also examining what it means to be watched.

Videography: Joseph Galba

Performer: Joseph Galba

Music: Helios

"Fight or Flight" examines several dichotomies. To see or to be blind. To be weak or to be strong. To fight or to retreat. Additionally, this video exploration plays with vantage point, illusion, and disorientation.

Choreography/Videography: Joseph Galba

Performer: Joseph Galba

Music: Imogen Heap, Rihanna

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