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ArtisT statement

I am human. I am interested in the human. I am a performer who enjoys exploring modes of discomfort and vulnerability in my work. It is my goal to dissect the monotony of simple, everyday life whilst remaining open, experimental, playful, and investigative. Serious topics become sprinkle-coated ice cream. Uncomfortable issues are approached with a smile and a wink. Driven by an inner desire to diminish societal stigma surrounding discomposure and promiscuity, I work from a place of genuine inquiry. I probe soft spots, guarded perplexities, and hidden desires. Additionally, I am interested in investigating effort and weight as they exist in the pedestrian and performance spheres. When and how is one able to access a place of inner freedom and lax expression? What parameters must exist?


Thought bubbles. Inner fantasy. Distortion. Contortion. I am fascinated by the ways in which film fills in the knowledge gaps created by live performance alone. My filming and directorial style is marked by an exploration of the possibilities of film. Above all, my work situates itself in a realm of grooviness. I produce and perform in order to entertain. I challenge viewers to engage curious and open minds… and enjoy themselves in the process.


I am a performer with dance, vocal, and theatrical training who graduated with my BFA in dance from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. The first time I heard the I Love Lucy theme song at the age of two was an Earth-shattering moment; this birthed my intense desire to sing, dance, and entertain. I have performed in works choreographed by Biba Bell, Jenn Freeman, Shannon Mather, Meg Paul, Anna Sperber, and Christian Vincent. Furthermore, I have worked with American Ballet Theatre and Michigan Opera Theatre, and have performed nationally across the United States in venues such as Walt Disney World and the Detroit Opera house. My artistic style is marked with an experimental spirit, fusing contemporary, modern, and commercial styles of dance and performance. I enjoy exploring modes of discomfort and vulnerability in my work. In my off time, I enjoy being a complete and utter goof.

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